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Author Index Volume 95 (2015)

Ammari, K., S. Nicaise and C. Pignotti,  Stability of an abstract – Wave equation with delay and a Kelvin–Voigt damping (1,2) 21– 38

Aouadi, M. and A. Miranville,  Smooth attractor for a nonlinear thermoelastic diffusion thin plate based on Gurtin–Pipkin’s model (1,2) 129–160

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Ichim, A.,  Asymptotic behaviour of a class of incompressible, quasi-Newtonian fluids in thin pipes (3,4) 325–344

Jiang, S. and F. Li,  Convergence of the complete electromagnetic fluid system to the full compressible magnetohydrodynamic equations (1,2) 161–185

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