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Author Index Volume 94 (2015)

Bai, L. and F. Zhang, Uniform attractors for multi-valued process generated by non-autonomous nonclassical diffusion equations with delay in unbounded domain without uniqueness of solutions (3,4) 187–210

Bellettini, G., A.-H. Nayam and M. Novaga, Γ-type estimates for the one-dimensional Allen–Cahn’s action (1,2) 161–185

Carreño, N. and S. Guerrero, On the non-uniform null controllability of a linear KdV equation (1,2) 33– 69

Castro, H., Oscillations in a semi-linear singular Sturm–Liouville equation (3,4) 363–373

de Maio, U., L. Faella and S. Soueid, Junction of quasi-stationary ferromagnetic thin films (3,4) 211–240

Faella, L., see de Maio, U. (3,4) 211–240

Fakih, H., A Cahn–Hilliard equation with a proliferation term for biological and chemical applications (1,2) 71–104

Figueiredo, G.M., G. Molica Bisci and R. Servadei, On a fractional Kirchhoff-type equation via Krasnoselskii’s genus (3,4) 347–361

Griso, G. and M. Villanueva-Pesqueira, Straight rod with different order of thickness (3,4) 255–291

Guerrero, S., see Carreño, N. (1,2) 33– 69

Jiu, Q. and H. Yu, Decay of solutions to the three-dimensional generalized Navier–Stokes equations (1,2) 105–124

Le Meur, H.V.J., Derivation of a viscous Boussinesq system for surface water waves (3,4) 309–345

Lussardi, L., A note on a phase-field model for anisotropic systems (3,4) 241–254

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Soueid, S., see de Maio, U. (3,4) 211–240

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Tone, C., see Tachim Medjo, T. (1,2) 125–160

Tone, F., see Tachim Medjo, T. (1,2) 125–160

Villanueva-Pesqueira, M., see Griso, G. (3,4) 255–291

Yu, H., see Jiu, Q. (1,2) 105–124

Zhang, F., see Bai, L. (3,4) 187–210