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List of Special Issues

Subscribers, readers, reviewers, and editorial board members,

NeuroRehabilitation is celebrating its 25th anniversary and we wish to thank you all. As part of the 25th anniversary celebration, we have compiled a list of previous special issues for your review. We look forward to continuing to provide you with topical, clinically relevant, empirical information on neurorehabilitation. Please contact us with your feedback and ideas for review articles, thematic issues and research papers.

With best wishes,

Vol. (no)Title of issueGuest Editor(s)
1(1)NeuropharmacologyNathan Zasler
1(2)Family outcome interventionJeffrey Kreutzer
1(3)Traumatic Brain InjuryNathan Zasler and Jeffrey Kreutzer
1(4)Spinal Cord InjuryRobert G. Frank
2(1)Substance abuseAllen W. Heinemann
2(2)StrokeElliot J. Roth
2(3)Cognitive rehabilitationWayne A. Gordon
2(4)Outcome evaluationKaryl M. Hall
3(1)Geriatric rehabilitationPeter A. Lichtenberg
3(2)Behavior management practices in rehabilitation settings
3(3)Pediatric rehabilitation
3(4)Multiple sclerosis (MS)John DeLuca
4(1)Vocational rehabilitationNathan Zasler and Jeffrey Kreutzer
4(2)Model systems of care
4(3)Cognitive rehabilitation therapyRick Parente
4(4)Neurogenic bladderTodd Linsenrneyer
5(1)Functional outcomes in rehabilitationRobert G. Frank and Brick Johnstone
5(2)Behavioral neurologyDavid S. Geldmacher
5(3)Agitation in brain injuryTodd R. Rowland
6(1)Evaluation and care of comatose, vegetative and minimally responsive patientsJoseph Giacino
6(2)Ethical considerationsJohn D. Banja
6(3)Neuro-optometric rehabilitationWilliam Padula and Stephanie Argyris
7(1)Medical and legal issues in rehabilitationJeffrey Kreutzer
7(2)Life care planningCarol Petty Zasler
8(1)Cognitive rehabilitationBrick Johnstone and Robert G. Frank
8(2)Post-poliomyelitis syndrome (PPS)Daria A. Trojan
8(3)Somatoform disordersRobert W. Teasell and Allan P. Shapiro
9(1)Current motor control issues in stroke rehabilitationKathye E. Light
9(2)Brain injury in childrenMarilyn Lash and Ron Savage
10(1)The model systems brain injury programJeffrey Kreutzer
10(2)Motor rehabilitation (part 1)V. Dietz
10(3)Motor rehabilitation (part 2)V. Dietz
11(1)Evaluation of disabilityV. Rober May
11(2)IBIA ConferenceNathan Zasler and Jose Leon-Carrion
12(1)Technology in neurorehabilitationMichael Rosen
12(2)Neuro-orthopaedic issuesNathaniel H. Mayer
14(2)Chronic neuropathic pain (part 1)Michael F. Martelli and Nathan Zasler
14(3)Chronic neuropathic pain (part 2)Michael F. Martelli and Nathan Zasler
15(2)Sexuality and neurologic disabilityMarcalee Sipski
16(1)Meeting the challenge of community integration after brain injury: An international perspectiveRobert J. Rauch
16(2)NeuroLawBruce H. Stern
16(3)Mobility researchAmir Seif-Naraghi
16(4)Controversies in neuropsychologyMichael F. Martelli and Nathan Zasler
17(1)Electromedicine in neurorehabilitationDaniel L. Kirsch
17(2)DSM-IV and acquired brain injuryJose Leon-Carrion
17(4)Evaluation and treatment of neurobehavioral complications of traumatic brain injury – Have we made any progress?Thomas W. McAllister
18(1)Cognitive prosthetic systemsRandy Dayle
18(2)TelerehabilitationBruce J. Diamond
19(1)Aging with a neurodisability: Morbidity and life expectancy issuesMichael J. DeVivo
19(2)Community Integration following SCIWilliam O. McKinley and Michelle A. Meade
19(3)Children and youth with Traumatic Brain InjuryMarilyn Lash
19(4)Vegetative stateGian Luigi Gigli and Nathan Zasler
20(1)Neurorehabilitation of the multifaceted and complicated neurologic problems associated with lightning and electrical injuriesMichael Cherington
20(3)Rehabilitation and neurologic repair in Parkinson’s DiseaseRonald T. Seel and David X. Cifu
21(2)Constraint-Induced Movement TherapyEdward Taub and Gitendra Uswatte
21(4)Where the rubber hits the road: Successful vocational reintegration for survivors of traumatic brain injuryDennis J. Magrega
22(1)Brain injury and the familyAngelle M. Sander
22(3)Concussion and sportsBarry Willer and John J. Leddy
22(5)Neurodevelopmental disordersJacob A. Neufeld
22(6)Palliative rehabilitation and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis:A perfect matchLeo McCluskey
23(1)Emerging approaches in rehabilitation after brain injuryLumy Sawaki
23(4)The benefits and barriers to leisure occupationsAnne Fenech
23(5)Geriatric neuropsychologyThomas A. Martin and Shane S. Bush
23(6)Assessment, treatment and service issues for students with traumatic brain injuryMary R.T. Kennedy
24(1)Racial/ethnic disparities in outcomes after central nervous system injuryJ.C. Arango-Lasprilla
25(1)Neurorehabilitation technologies – present and future possibilitiesThomas Sinkjær and Dejan B. Popović
25(3)Rehabilitation designNathan Zasler
26(1)Hypoxic-ischemic brain injuryDavid B. Arciniegas
26(3)Military traumatic brain injury and blastDavid F. Moore and Michael S. Jaffee
27(1)International perspectives on caregivingJuan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla andJeffrey Kreutzer
28(1)Orthotics in neurorehabilitationNatasha Lanin
28(3)Assistive technology for people with neurological disabilityTony Gentry
29(2)Vestibular rehabilitation: Ready for the mainstreamMichael E. Hoffer and Carey D. Balaban
30(1)Spanish speakers with neurological and psychiatric disabilities: Relevant factors related to rehabilitationJuan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla
30(3)Pediatric brain injury and recoveryPeter D. Patrick and Ronald C. Savage
31(1)Community based rehabilitation after neurologic injuryStephanie A. Kolakowsky-Hayner
31(3)Neuroimaging in neurorehabilitationElisabeth A. Wilde, Jill V. Hunter andErin D. Bigler
32(2)TBI and agingWayne A. Gordon
32(3)Balance and vestibular functionBrian D. Greenwald and James M. Gurley
32(4)Neurobehavioural disorders after Traumatic Brain Injury: Assessment, treatment and outcomeRodger Ll. Wood
33(1)Integrating robot-assisted interventions into standard of careHermano Igo Krebs
33(4)International Conference on Recent Advances in Neurorehabilitation (ICRAN 2013)
34(1)Cognitive rehabilitation therapyRick Parente
34(4)Perspectives on behavior and acquired brain injuryHarvey E. Jacobs
36(1)ICF and RehabilitationChristine Brogardh and Jan Lexell
36(3)Life care planning and case management in brain injurySusan Riddick-Grisham
36(4)The assessment of symptom and Performance Validity in NeurorehabilitationShane S. Bush
37(1)Neurorehabilitation of Parkinson’s Disease and ALSJau-Shin Lou
37(3)Assistive technologies for cognition/cognitive support technologiesMarcia J. Scherer and Stefano Federici
37(4)Commonly used neuropsychological tests for Spanish speakers: Normative data from Latin AmericaJuan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla
38(3)Relationships following neurological conditionsGiles Yeates
39(1)Effectiveness of neurorehabilitation treatment for individualsRick Parente
39(3)Unintentional injury following Traumatic Brain InjuryJuliet Haarbauer-Krupa
39(4)From theory top practice: Engagement in neurorehabilitationMegan Danzl and Nicole Etter