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Author Index Volume 52 (2015)

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Abstracts of the 15th International Congress of Biorheology and the 8th International Conference of Clinical Hemorheology

Abe, J.-i., P2-10, S11-4

Adachi, T., S8-1

Ahmad, B., S18-2

Ahmadizad, S., P2-28, P2-29

Ahn, C.-Y., P2-18

Ahn, C.W., S16-3

Ahn, J., P2-7

Ahn, S., S3-2

Alanazi, A., O6-3

Alexy, T., O6-4

Aliev, O.I., O5-1, P1-31

Amir, A., O5-2

Anishchenko, A.M., O5-1, P1-31

Aoyama, Y., P2-21

Arrieta, J.M., S26-3

Asada, H.H., S8-3

Atayoğlu, A.T., P1-4

Aufradet, E., S18-4

Auth, T., S8-4

Aydoğan, S., P1-4

Bae, C., S22-2

Balasso, A., O1-1

Bertrand, Y., P2-5

Biro, K., S2-3, S2-4, S9-4

Bloch, W., P1-7, S18-2

Bocskai, T., S2-1

Bogar, L., S2-1

Braunagel, M., S10-1

Brixius, K., S18-2

Brown, J., S11-3

Brun, J.-F., P1-22, P1-25, S18-3

Burk, D.K., P1-26

Burns, J.M., S17-4

Bush, A., S26-1, S26-2

Butler, P.J., O5-4, S11-3, S22-3

Byoun, M.S., S4-1

Caballero, G., P2-22

Candela, X.J., O5-4

Cao, J., S7-4

Chalacheva, P., S6-5, S26-1

Chang, M., O1-4

Charlot, K., S5-2, S18-4

Charrin, E., S18-4

Chen, A.Y., O6-2

Chen, J., S17-2

Chen, Y., P1-2, P1-3

Cheporov, S.V., O6-1

Cho, M., P2-33, S4-2

Choi, D.-K., P2-17

Choi, S.B., P2-26

Chung, M., P2-7, P2-9

Clevert, D.-A., S10-1

Clevert, D.A., S10-2, S10-3

Coates, T., S26-2

Coates, T.D., L3, S6-5, S26-1

Collins, B., S18-2

Connes, P., P2-5, S5-2, S18-4, S21-2, S26-4

Cooke, B.M., O5-2, S5-3

Corsetti, M., O5-4

Cox, C.D., S22-4

Csontos, C., S2-1

Cui, T., S17-2

Cunningham, E., S18-1

Curry, F.-R., S19-1

Cuzzubbo, D., P2-5

D’Anastasi, M., S10-3

Dao, M., S6-2

Dasgupta, S., S8-4

De Isla, N., P2-8

de Tilly, A., S21-3

De Tilly, A., S21-4

De Zoysa, M., S26-2

Decruppe, J.-P., S21-3

Deguchi, S., S3-1

DeLano, F.A., O6-2

Deng, L., P1-33

Deng, X., O4-1, P1-1, P1-13, P1-15, P1-24, S17-1

Desbrow, B., S18-1

Detterich, J., S26-2

Detterich, J.A., S6-5, S16-5, S26-1

Deutsch, S., S12-4, S14-4

Diaw, M., S26-4

Diop, N.S., S26-4

Diop, S., S26-4

Diop, S.-N., S26-4

Dobashi, T., S25-1

Dong, R., P1-30, S7-1

Doumdo, L., S18-4

Du, J., S7-3

Du, M., S25-2

Dull, R.O., S19-4

Ebrahim, K., P2-28, P2-29

Eglenen, B., O2-2

Eiraku, M., S8-1

Erciş, K., P1-4

Etienne-Julan, M., S5-2, S18-4

Faes, C., P2-5, S18-4, S26-4

Fan, J., S12-1, S19-1

Fattahi, P., S11-3

Fedosov, D.A., S17-3

Fedyanin, A.A., S24-3

Feinberg, J., S16-5

Felthaus, O., S10-4, S10-5

Feng, J., S7-2

Feng, Q., P1-29

Filipovic, A., S18-2

Fong, M.Y., O5-2

Frolov, S., O1-1

Fu, B.M., S12-1, S19-1

Fujihara, C., P1-19, P2-4

Fujiwara, T., S14-3

Furka, A., P2-19

Furka, I., P2-19

Furusawa, K., P1-23

Fuse, T., S14-2

Garnier, N., P2-5

Gompper, G., S8-4, S17-3

Gong, X., P1-5, S8-2

Gong, Z., P1-5, S8-2

Good, B.C., S14-4

Gordeev, I.A., P1-9

Gottlieb, P., S22-4

Grau, M., P1-7, S5-2, S18-2

Gray, W.D., O6-4

Greffier, O., S21-3

Guan, L., P1-2, P1-3

Guerrero, J., P1-32

Ha, H.J., P1-11

Habicht, A., S10-1

Hah, J.O., S16-2

Hamada, H., P1-6

Hamashima, S., P2-11

Han, D., S7-2, S7-4

Hardeman, M., P2-5, S15-3

Hardy-Dessources, M.D., S5-2, S18-4

Heck, M., P2-27

Heine, O., P1-7

Helck, A., S10-1, S10-2

Henry, E., S17-3

Heo, K., P2-10

Heo, K.-S., S11-4

Heo, Y., P2-31

Hernandez, T.M., S16-5

Hierso, R., S5-2

Hirata, M., P2-21

Hong, S., O1-4

Hong, S., O1-4

Horobin, J., P1-32, S18-1

Hsiu, H., P2-30

Hu, Z., S7-1

Hu, Z.Q., P1-30

Huang, C., S11-3, S22-3

Huang, H., P1-5, S8-2

Huang, L., O3-2

Huang, Q., P1-20, P1-29

Huh, H.K., P1-11

Hur, N., O1-4

Hyun, J., P1-14

Hyun, J.-c., O2-1

Hyun, J.C., S25-3

Inoue, Y., S8-1

Irwin, C., S18-1

Islamzada, E., S17-1

Itano, T., P2-15

Iwasaki, K., P2-21

Jacobs, C.R., S22-1

Jacuinde, G., S26-3

Jang, S., S6-3

Jeganathan, S., S22-3

Jeon, N.L., P2-7, P2-9, S1-1

Jeong, Y.-H., S4-3

Jin, C., P2-3

Jo, H., S11-1

Joly, P., P2-5

Joo, C., S23-4

Jung, J., O3-4

Jung, H.-J., S1-3

Jung, T., O2-1

Kadi, A., P2-8

Kamm, R.D., S8-3

Kang, H., P1-1

Kang, S., O1-4

Kang, S.-H., O1-4

Kang, S.A., S16-3

Kang, Z., P1-28

Karl, A., S10-3

Karmenyan, A.V., S24-3

Kato, K., S3-1

Kato, R., S6-5, S26-1, S26-2

Kaulgi, M.S., P1-16

Kebaili, K., P2-5

Kenyeres, P., S2-4, S9-3, S9-4

Kesmarky, G., S2-3, S9-4

Khaleel, M., S6-5, S26-1

Khan, S., O3-1

Khokhlova, M.D., S24-3

Khoo, M.C.K., S6-5, S26-1

Kim, B.J., O3-1, S25-3

Kim, G., P2-12, P2-13, P2-14, S4-4, S16-4

Kim, H., O2-1

Kim, J., O5-3, P2-12, P2-13, P2-14, S16-4

Kim, J.-S., S23-3

Kim, J.H., O5-3, P2-12, P2-18

Kim, K., P2-31, S6-4

Kim, M.-C., S8-3

Kim, P., P1-7

Kim, S., O3-3, P2-7, S1-2

Kim, S.-G., O1-4

Kim, T., O1-4, O4-4, S3-3

Kim, W., O1-4

Kim, W.-y., P2-32

Kim, Y., P2-13, P2-14, P2-31, S4-4, S16-4

Kim, Y.-h., P2-32

Kim, Y.K., S16-1, S16-2

Kim, Y.W., O1-3, P2-2, P2-26

Kimura, T., P1-6, P2-16, S20-2

Kinnunen, M., S24-3

Kislov, N.B., P1-9

Kislov, N.V., O6-1

Kiss, F., P2-19, P2-23, P2-24, P2-25, S9-1, S9-2, S15-2

Klein, S., S10-4, S10-5

Ko, U., S3-2

Koliamitra, C., S18-2

Koltai, K., S2-3

Kosaka, R., S14-3

Kovacs, D., S2-3, S9-4

Kovacs, M., S2-3

Kuragano, M., S3-1

Kuypers, F.A., S15-4

Lacolley, P., P2-8

Lamarre, Y., S5-2

Lapierre, M.-E.M., S17-1

Lau, Y.L., O5-2

Lee, B.-K., P2-33, S4-2, S16-4

Lee, E., O3-4

Lee, H., O5-3, P2-9, P2-12, P2-13, P2-14, P2-31, S4-4, S16-4

Lee, J.-H., S17-1

Lee, J.M., S16-2

Lee, J.S., P1-35

Lee, J.S., S23-1, S23-2

Lee, K., S24-3

Lee, S., S16-3

Lee, S.M., S23-2

Lee, S., S6-4

Lee, S.-Y., P1-14

Lee, S.J., O1-2, O1-3, P1-11, P1-12, P2-2, P2-26, S6-1, S20-3

Lee, U., O3-4

Lehmann, C., P2-20

Lei, D., O3-2

Lemonne, N., S5-2

Leng, X., P2-6

Levine, M., P2-5

Li, J., S7-3

Li, N., O4-3, S24-4

Li, X., S7-2

Liang, F., P1-34

Liang, R., S7-4

Liao, F., S7-2, S7-4

Liebeskind, D., P2-6

Liepsch, D.W., O1-1

Lileev, D.V., P1-9

Lim, C., S4-2

Lim, C.-H., P2-32

Lim, C.-S., O5-3, P2-12, S4-4

Lim, C.S., S4-1

Lim, C.T., L1

Lim, J.-k., P2-32

Lin, Y., P1-27

Lipowsky, H.H., S19-2

Liu, C., S7-2

Liu, Y., O3-2, P1-2, P1-3, P1-28

Liu, Z., P1-33

Loibl, C., S2-1

Lombardini, E., O5-2, S1-4

Long, J., S7-1

Long, J.H., P1-30

Long, M., O4-3, S24-4

Lü, S., O4-3, S24-4

Luo, Q., P1-10, P1-27

Luo, X., P1-28

Luu, N.T., O6-3

Lv, Y., P1-8

Lyubin, E.V., S24-3

Ma, H., S17-1

Ma, X., P1-21

Maki, Y., S25-1

Makino, M., S20-1

Malysheva, Y.V., P1-9, S13-4

Manning, K.B., O5-4, S12-4, S14-4

Mao, D., O4-3, S24-4

Marcon, J., S10-3

Martin, C., P2-5, S18-4, S26-4

Martinac, B., S22-4

Marton, Z., S2-4

Maruyama, O., S14-2, S14-3

Matsuda, N., S25-4

Matsuhashi, Y., P2-21

Matsui, T.S., S3-1

Matsumoto, T., L7

Matthews, K., S17-1

Mbaye, M.N., S26-4

McFaul, S., S17-1

McGettrick, H.M., O6-3

McLaughlin, P., S15-3

McNamee, A., P1-32

Meimarakis, G., S10-2

Meiselman, H.J., O2-2, P1-18, S6-5, S13-1, S16-5, S21-1, S26-1

Menu, P., P2-8

Mester, J., P1-7

Meyer, R.S., S12-4

Mezey, B., S2-2

Miko, I., P2-19, S9-1

Min, S.-H., P2-3

Miszti-Blasius, K., P2-23, P2-24, P2-25, S9-2, S15-2

Mochizuki, S., P1-19, P2-4

Mohandas, N., L2, S15-1

Moon, J.S., S16-1

Moon, J.Y., O1-3

Moshfeghi, M., O1-4

Mozar, A., S5-2

Mu, W., O2-3

Muddana, H.S., S11-3, S22-3

Munir, H., O6-3

Murashige, T., S14-3

Muravyov, A.V., O6-1, S13-4

Mury, P., S26-4

Myung, J.-h., P2-32

Nakagawa, N., S20-4

Nakamura, M., S14-1

Nam, H.S., P2-6

Nam, J., O3-3

Nam, J.S., S16-3

Narita, T., P1-23, S25-4

Nash, G.B., O6-3, S5-1

Nemeth, N., P2-19, P2-23, P2-24, P2-25, S9-1, S9-2, S15-2

Neu, B., S13-2

Nguye, A., S22-1

Nifantiev, N.E., O5-1

Niki, K., P1-34

Nishida, M., S14-3

Noso, R., P2-16, S20-2

Nosten, F., O5-2

Notohamiprodjo, M., S10-1

O’Rear, E.A., P1-26, P2-27, S12-2

Ogawa, T., P1-19, P2-4

Ohashi, T., S24-1

Ohshima, M., P1-34

Oishi, Y., P1-23, S25-4

Okamura, K., S14-1

Okuda, S., S8-1

Ono, J.-i., P1-19, P2-4

Oslyakova, A.O., S13-4

Otomo, R., S20-4

Ouchi, K., S14-3

Oulaid, O., S12-3

Ozturk, M., S12-2

Paeng, D.-G., P2-3

Palasuwan, A., O4-2

Palasuwan, D., O4-2

Papavassiliou, D.V., P2-27, S12-2

Papp, J., S2-3

Park, E., S3-2

Park, H., O1-2, S6-4, S23-2

Park, H.-S., O5-3, P2-12

Park, J., S3-2

Park, J.S., S16-3

Park, S.-j., P2-32

Park, W., P2-9

Park, Y., S6-4

Parrow, N., P2-5

Pauly, S., P1-7

Peng, Z., S6-2

Peto, K., P2-19

Petras, M., S18-4

Petrochenko, E.P., O6-1, S13-4

Pialoux, V., P2-5, S18-4, S26-4

Piety, N.Z., S17-4

Pivkin, I.V., S6-2

Plotnikov, M.B., O5-1, P1-31

Plotnikova, T.M., O5-1, P1-31

Pralhad, R.N., P1-16

Prantl, L., S10-4, S10-5

Priezzhev, A.V., S24-3

Proellocks, N.I., S5-3

Puliyel, M., S26-1

Qin, T., P1-28

Rabai, M., S2-2, S9-3, S16-5

Raynaud de Mauverger, E., P1-22, P1-25, S18-3

Reimann, R., S10-2

Reinhart, W.H., S17-4

Reiser, M., S10-1, S10-2

Reiser, M.F., S10-3

Ren, Y., O4-1, P1-13, P1-15, P1-24

Rendeki, S., S2-1

Renia, L., O5-2

Renoux, C., P2-5

Rezaeimanesh, D., P2-28, P2-29

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van Oirschot-Hermans, B.A., S15-3

van Wijk, R., S15-3

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Zimmermann, H., S10-2

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Zu, Y., S7-3