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Joint Meeting The European Society for Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation The International Society for Clinical Hemorheology The International Society of Biorheology Krakow, Poland July 2-6, 2018

Monday, July 2nd
12.00–18.00 Registration
18.00–19.30 Opening Ceremony
20.00–21.30 Welcome Reception
Tuesday, July 3rd
9.00–10.00 ESCHM Plenary Lecture (L1)
Chair: Jean-Frédéric Brun
Lecture: Philippe Connes
Blood rheology: From exercise responses to sickle cell disease pathophysiology
10.00–10.30 Coffee Break
10.30–12.00 Symposia S1–S3/Free Communications O1–O2
Chairs: Kalman Toth and Norbert Nemeth
S1-1Hemorheological parameters and mortality in critically ill patients
Beata Csiszar, Kinga Totsimon, Peter Kenyeres, Kalman Toth, Zsolt Marton
S1-2Leukocyte antisedimentation rate (LAR) and pituitary adenylate cyclase-activated polypeptid (PACAP) in polytrauma and burn victims. A preliminary study
Csaba Loibl, Csaba Csontos, Livia Szelig, Lajos Bogar, Patricia Kovacs, Andrea Pankaczi, Szilard Rendeki, Martin Rozanovic, Marianna Matancic, Timea Nemeth, Beata Lelesz, Jozsef Nemeth, Attila Miseta, Dora Reglodi, Andrea Tamas
S1-3Do AB0 and Rh blood groups influence hemorheological parameters in vascular patients?
Katalin Koltai, Dóra Endrei, Gábor Késmárky, Katalin Biró, Zsolt Márton Pécs, Gergely Fehér, Dávid Kovács, Imre Boncz, Antal Tibold, Kálmán Tóth
S1-4Applications of finite element analysis in clinical hemorheology
Peter Varga, Sz. Javor, G. Jancso, A. Gedei, P Maroti, G. Balazs University of Debrecen Hungary
S1-5Effects of ischemia-reperfusion and various surgical preconditioning maneuvers on micro-rheological and microcirculatory parameters
Norbert Nemeth, Gabor Varga, Balazs Szabo, Csaba Korei, Bela Turchanyi, Katalin Peto
S1-6Renal ischemia-reperfusion-induced micro-rheological and microcirculatory alterations and their influenceability by remote organ ischemic preconditioning
Gabor Varga, Kitti Nagy, Noemi Pal, Gabor Nadubinszky, Balazs Szabo, Bence Tanczos, Viktoria Somogyi, Adam Deak, Katalin Peto, Norbert Nemeth
Chairs: Shinya Goto and Terumitsu Hasebe
S2-1Biologically validated model of platelet adhesion under blood flow conditions
Shinya Goto
S2-2Glycoprotein distribution of surface-induced platelet activation on medical materials by electron microscopy technology
Masamitsu Nakayama, Terumitsu Hasebe, Shunto Maegawa, Kenta Bito, Tomohiro Matsumoto, Tetsuya Suzuki
S2-3Hemorheological effects of mechanical stress on whole blood of patients with prosthetic heart valve failure
Toru Maruyama, Chiharu Yoshida, Kei Irie, Shohei Moriyama, Taku Yokoyama, Mitsuhiro Fukata, Takeshi Arita, Keita Odashiro, Koichi Akashi
S2-4Platelet adhesion studies of implantable long-term use Fontan pump biomaterials
Bryan Good, Clare McHugh, Keefe Manning, William Weiss, Chris Siedlecki
S2-5:Development of hemocompatible materials for blood contacting devices by physical and chemical surface modification
Terumitsu Hasebe, Masamitsu Nakayama, Shunto Maegawa, Kenta Bito, Tomihiro Matsumoto, Tetsuya Suzuki
Chairs: Sehyun Shin and Sung Yang
S3-1Holotomography techniques for imaging 3D label-free imaging of cells and tissues
Yong Keun Park
S3-2A microfluidic device for simultaneous measurement of blood viscosity, hematocrit, and deformability
Byung Jun Kim, Sung Yang
S3-3Deformability measurement of continuous soft particles by lattice Boltzmann method and its applications to rheological flow characteristics
Joon-Sang Lee
S3-4A microfluidic platelet assaying device for function test and antiplatelet response test
Sehyun Shin
Chair: Peter Butler
O1-1Albumin solder covalently bound to a biodegradable polymer membrane: New approach to improve binding strength in laser tissue soldering
Andrea Nies, Bernhard Hiebl
O1-2Circumferential alignment of smooth muscle cells in micro-tube environment
Yang Jin, Linhong Deng
O1-3Subhaemolytic mechanical trauma increases RBC aggregation by altering cell electrochemistry
Antony McNamee, Geoff Tansley, Michael Simmonds
O1-4Subhaemolytic mechanical damage alters erythrocyte behavior in subsequent low-shear flows
Antony McNamee, Geoff Tansley, Michael Simmonds
O1-5Ultrafast imaging of cell elasticity with optical microelastography
Guy Cloutier, Grasland-Mongrain, Ali Zorgani, Shoma Nakagawa, Simon Bernard, Lia Gomes Paim, Greg FitzHarris, Stefan Catheline
O1-6The effects of substrate stiffness on HUVEC adhesion with THP-1 cells and molecules associated with adhesion
Yan Wenhua Zhang Tian, Zhang Kang, Qiu Juhui, Wang Guixue
Chair: Jean-Frédéric Brun
O2-1Pilot clinical study of quantitative ultrasound spectroscopy measurements of erythrocyte aggregation within superficial veins of 50 volunteers
Guy Cloutier, Boris Chayer, Louise Allard, Julian Garcia-Duitama
O2-2Rapid clinical assessment of the sublingual microcirculation – Visual scoring using microVAS in comparison to standard semi-automated analysis
Joel Sardinha, Christian Lehmann
O2-3L-cysteine improves blood fluidity that has been impaired by acetaldehyde
Ippo Otoyama, Tatsushi Kimura, Hironobu Hamada, Kiyokazu Sekikawa, Michinori Kamikawa, Teruki Kajiwara, Fumiya Aizawa, Yoshinobu Sato, Haruchi Namba
O2-4Hemorheological studies in a group of patients with Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia
Anna Marcinkowska-Gapińska, Piotr Kowal, Włodzimierz Liebert
O2-5Adora2b receptor activation mediates flap protection from ischemia/reperfusion injury
Pinar Ulker, Ozlenen Ozkan, Matteo Amoroso, Mutay Aslan, Filiz Ozcan, Ibrahim Bassorgun, Omer Ozkan
O2-6Purinergic regulation of erythrocyte enzyme activity
Pinar Ulker, Nur Özen, Günel Abdullayeva, Sadi Köksoy, Nazmi Yaraş, Filiz Basrali
13.00–14.00 Poiseuille Gold Medal Award (L2)
Ceremony and Lecture
Laudatio: Herbert H Lipowsky
Lecture: Axel R Pries
Microvascular hemodynamics: System properties
14.15–15.45 Symposia S4-S7/Free Communications O3
Chairs: John Tarbell and Hans Vink
S4-1Multilayer structures of the endothelial glycocalyx: barrier functions versus red cell hemodynamics
FitzRoy Curry
S4-2Endothelial Surface Glycocalyx (ESG) components and ultra-structures revealed by Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM)
Jie Fan, Yi Sun, Yifan Xia, John Tarbell, Bingmei Fu
S4-3In vivo studies of the enzymatic degradation and structure of the endothelial glycocalyx
Herbert Lipowsky
S4-4The endothelial glycocalyx and control of microvascular flow and perfused capillary density
Hans Vink
Chairs: Brian Cooke and Tamas Alexy
S5-1Interaction of mesenchymal stem cells with platelets: Aid to targeting to tissue or thrombotic risk?
Lozan Sheriff, Asma Alanazi, Lewis Ward, Julie Rayes, Mohammed Alassiri, Steve Watson, Gerard Nash
S5-2Malaria and babesiosis: Same rheopathobiology but different molecular mechanisms
Brian Cooke
S5-3Form and function: erythrocyte responses to supra-physiological shears and circulatory support
Michael Simmonds
S5-4Blood rheology, arterial stiffness, and clinical complications in diabetic patients with and without sickle-cell trait
Sarah Skinner, Mor Diaw, Maïmouna Ndour Mbaye, Brigitte Ranque, Philomène Lopez, Malick Ndour, Fatou Gueye, Demba Diedhiou, Djiby Sow, Saliou Diop, Abdoulaye Samb, Vincent Pialoux, Philippe Connes
S5-5The importance of hemorheology in the design of continuous flow left ventricular assist devices
Tamas Alexy
Chairs: Sehyun Shin and Sung Yang
S6–1Optical study of red blood cells interactions in vitro mediated by different plasma components
Alexander Priezzhev, Alexey Semenov, Andrei Lugovtsov, Kisung Lee, Christian Wagner
S6-2Effect of integrin glycoproteins inhibition on specific adsorption of cells adhesion macromolecules on red blood cell membrane: A microrheologic study
Alexey Semenov, Andrei Lugovtsov, Kisung Lee, Alexei Myravyev, Sehyu Shin, Evgeny Shirshin, Alexander Priezzhev
S6-3Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of blood for blood aggregation, sedimentation, and hematocrit
Alexander Zhbanov, Sung Yang
S6-4Comparison of critical shear stress in RheoScan and adhesion force between RBCs measured in optical tweezer
Sehyun Shin, Hoyoon Lee, Kisung Lee, Alexander Priezzhev
Chairs: Ursula Windberger and Resia Pretorius
S7-1Stress sweep tests on whole blood clots
Ursula Windberger
S7-2The novel discovery of amyloid formation in fibrin(open) and how it affects hemorheology and blood coagulation
Etheresia Pretorius
S7-3Multiscale mechanics of fibrin networks
Cristina Martinez-Torres
S7-4Study of blood clotting mechanism by rheological and electrorheological methods
Nadia Antonova, Ivan Ivanov
S7-5Influence of polymeric nanoparticles on the kinetics of coagulation of conserved blood
Nadya Todorova, Nadia Antonova
S7-6What are conditions defining blood clot properties in some disorders
Eugene Roitman, Alla Shabalina, Marine Tanashyan, Irina Kolesnikova
Chairs: Markos Klonizakis and Guixue Wang
O3-1Arrangement and morphology of endothelial cells under the mechanical microenvironment changes after vascular stent implantation
Tieying Yin, Yuzhen Ren, Ruolin Du, Yuhua Huang, Yazhou Wang, Guixue Wang
O3-2Blood Flow Regulates Zebrafish CVP Angiogenesis by Inducing ERK5 Signaling
Guixue Wang
O3-3The role of Id1 in oscillatory shear stress-mediated endothelial lipid uptake
Kang Zhang, Yidan Chen, Guixue Wang
O3-4Effect of DNA methyltransferase 1 in oscillatory shear stress-induced atherosclerotic vulnerable plaque formation
Lu Huang, Desha Luo, Yuanhang Zhou, Kang Zhang, Juhui Qiu, Guixue Wang
O3-5The influence of hemodynamic changes on proliferation and adhesion of endothelial progenitor cells
Jinxuan Wang, Li Xiao, Daming Sun, Yiming Zheng, Tieying Yin, Guixue Wang
O3-6Short term effects of the Mediterranean Diet in human microvascular function – comparison between older and younger healthy, sedentary adults
Yingshan Liu, Marianne Milner, Markos Klonizakis
16.15–17.45 Symposia S8-S12
Chair: Herbert Lipowsky
S8-1Surface glycocalyx mediates tumor cell metastasis
Henry Qazi, Heriberto Moran, Limary Cancel, Mariya Mayer, Lance Munn, John Tarbell
S8-2Visualization of heparan sulfate proteoglycans in the glycocalyx and the perivascular space of 3-dimensional perfusable microvascular networks in microfluidic devices
Sebastian Beyer, Anna Blocki, Roger D. Kamm
S8-3Integrin-mediated adhesion is lipid bilayer and glycocalyx dependent
Seoyoung Son, Joseph Moroney, Peter Butler
S8-4Coupled dynamics of blood flow and endothelial glycocalyx: A large-scale molecular dynamics study
Xi Zhuo Jiang, Kai H. Luo, Yiannis Ventikos
Chair: Małgorzata Lekka
S9-1Early stage of essential hypertension monitoring
Kvetoslava Burda, Magdalena Kaczmarska, Maria Fornal, Franz Messerli, Jozef Korecki, Tomasz Grodzicki
S9-2Label-free methods in diagnostics and prognostics of malignant melanoma
Tomasz Kobiela
S9-3Advanced vibrational imaging techniques to aid clinical research
Tomasz P. Wrobel, Paulina Koziol, Natalia Piergies, Ewa Pieta, Czeslawa Paluszkiewicz, Maria Fornal, Tomasz Grodzicki, Wojciech Kwiatek
S9-4Effect of dietary carotenoids on erythrocytes from diabetic patients: A spectroscopic study
Joanna Fiedor, Mateusz Przetocki, Grzegorz Gajos, Józef Korecki, Kvetoslav Burda
Chairs: Christian Lehmann and Vladimir Cerny
S10-1Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) of tissue transplants
Ernst Michael Jung, Sebastian Geis, Andreas Kehrer, Philipp Edmund Lamby, Lukas Prantl
S10-2Assessment of glycocalyx
Vladimir Cerny
S10-3Automated vs. visual video analyses – where is the future?
Christian Lehmann
S10-4Is sodium a link between endothelial glycocalyx and microcirculation?
David Astapenko, Vladimir Cerny
Chairs: Jean-Frédéric Brun and Carlota Saldanha
S11-1RBC deformability: An exquisite homeostasis
Jean-Frédéric Brun, Emmanuelle Varlet-Marie
S11-2Eryptosis or the death of a rigidified erythrocyte
Etheresia Pretorius
S11-3Erythrocyte deformability under nitric oxide Influence
Carlota Saldanha, Ana Silva-Herdade
S11-4The sickle cell: Far more than a rigid erythrocyte
Philippe Connes, Elie Nader, Nicolas Guillot, Romain Fort, Berenike Möckesch, Nathalie Lemonne, Sophie Antoine-Jonville, Céline Renoux, Philippe Joly, Vincent Pialoux, Marie-Dominique Hardy-Dessources, Marc Romana
S11-5Signaling pathways in regulation of RBC microrheological properties by catecholamines
Irina Tikhomirova, Alexei Myravyov, Elena Petrochenko
S11-6Complete dynamics of erythrocytes in shear flow: The story behind the term of deformability
Simon Mendez, Luca Lanotte, Johannes Mauer, Franck Nicoud, Gerhard Gompper, Dmitry Fedosov, Manouk Abkarian
Chairs: Michael Simmonds and Jon Detterich
S12-1The “tipping point” of mechanical stress on erythrocyte biology
Michael Simmonds
S12-2Testing the sensitivity of red cell fragmentation and deformability measurements for shear-mediated mechanical damage
Özlem Yalcin, Ali Cenk Aksu, Elif Ugurel, Selcuk Surucu
S12-3Discussion about high shear stress induced erythrocyte’s damage and lysis – Interpretation of hemolysis in cardiovascular devices based on our visualized erythrocytes’ behaviors
Nobuo Watanabe, Takahiro Shimada, Nao Ikeda, Kousuke Igarashi
S12-4Mechanical sensitivity of blood in sickle patients on chronic blood transfusion – understanding erythrocyte exposure to chronic physiologic shear vs. chronic supra-physiologic but sub-hemolytic shear stress
Jon Detterich, Silvie Siriany, Derek Ponce, Michael Simmonds
S12-5Drag-reducing polymer effects on macro- and microcirculation
Marina Kameneva
Wednesday, July 4
9.00–10.00 ISB Plenary Lecture (L3)
Chair: Peter Butler
Lecture: Frank J.Gijsen
Biomechanics and atherosclerotic plaques progression
10.30–12.00 Symposia S13-S15/Free Communications O4-O5
Chairs: Ernst Michael Jung and Pamela Zengel
S13-1Critical analysis of CEUS examinations of the liver in an interdisciplinary ultrasound department
Franz Josef Putz, Anna Erlmeier, Niklas Verloh, Bernhard Banas, Christian Stroszczynski, Ernst Michael Jung
S13-2VTIQ and VTQ in combination with B-mode and color Doppler ultrasound improve classification of salivary gland tumors, especially for inexperienced physician
Pamela Zengel, Florian Notter, Dirk Andre Clevert
S13-3CEUS perfusion imaging after ablation treatment in patients with prostate cancer: First results
Isabel Wiesinger, Lukas Beyer, Philipp Wiggermann, Christian Stroszczynski, Ernst Michael Jung
S13-4Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) and gallbladder diseases – a retrospective monocenter analysis of imaging findings with histopathological correlation
G. Negrão de Figueiredo, K. Mueller-Peltzer, P. Zengel, E. Gresser, J. Rübenthaler, D.A. Clevert, München
S13-6New horizons for kidney imaging: Dynamic microvascularization in contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS)
Franz Josef Putz, Anna Erlmeier, Miriam Banas, Bernhard Banas, Ernst Michael Jung
Chairs: Taiji Adachi and Yukiko Matsunaga
S14-1Effect of physical environment on cell migration using microchannel device
Toshiro Ohashi, Mazlee Bin Mazalan, Ma Ming, Jennifer H. Shin
S14-2Protein kinase C𝛼 translocation in endothelial cells in response to mechanical stimulus
Susumu Kudo, Toshihiro Sera, Masataka Arai
S14-3Hydrostatic pressure-induced DNA breaks in chondrocytes and its relationship with chromatin architecture
Koichiro Maki, Katsuko Furukawa, Takashi Ushida
S14-4In situ, fluorescence lifetime-based measurements of cell membrane micromechanics
Seoyoung Son, Hari Muddana, Changjin Huang, Sulin Zhang, Peter Butler
Chairs: Saul Yedgar and Ming Dao
S15-1Biomechanics of red cell diseases
Ming Dao
S15-2Microvascular blood flow peculiarities in cancer
Irina Tikhomirova, Yulia Malysheva, Nikolay Kislov, Mihail Ryabov
S15-3Shape and dynamics of red blood cells in microvessels
Johannes Mauer, Felix Reichel, Jochen Guck, Gerhard Gompper, Dmitry Fedosov
S15-4Hemodynamic functionality of transfused red blood cells in the microcirculation of blood recipients
Gregory Barshtein, Axel Pries, Neta Goldschmidt, Orly Zelig, Dan Arbell, Saul Yedgar
S15-5Red blood cell aggregate flow characteristics in bifurcating microchannels
Efstathios Kaliviotis, Joseph Sherwood, Stavroula Balabani
Chairs: Edgar O’Rear and Philippe Connes
O4-1Beta-estradiol and ethinylestradiol enhance RBC deformability dependent on their blood concentration
Paulo Farber, Teresa Freitas, Carlota Saldanha, Ana Silva-Herdade
O4-2Dual mechanical characterization of red blood cells: Role of surface area, internal viscosity and membrane rigidity
Céline Renoux, Magali Faivre, Amel Bessaa, Philippe Joly, Philippe Connes
O4-3Proteomic analysis of the role of adenylyl cyclase-cAMP pathway in red blood cell mechanical response
Özlem Yalcin, Elif Ugurel
O4-4The oxygen scan: continuous measurement of red blood cell deformability with oxygen gradient ektacytometry to monitor disease severity and treatment effect in sickle cell disease
Minke Rab, Brigitte van Oirschot, Tesy Merkx, Annet van Wesel, Sisto Hendriks, Jan de Zoeten, Osheiza Abdulmalik, Martin Safo, Birgitta Versluijs, Roger Schutgens, Gerard Pasterkamp, Eduard van Beers, Richard van Wijk
O4-5Nitric oxide regulates human erythrocyte deformability through adjusting band phosphorylation status in hypoxia
Yajin Zhao, Xiang Wang
O4-6Hypoxia: The best stimulator that increases shear-induced response of red blood cells
Elif Ugurel, Ali Cenk Aksu, Senol Piskin, Özlem Yalcin
Chairs: Sung Yang and Efstathios Kaliviotis
O5-1Velocity and erythrocyte aggregation characteristics for surface tension-driven flow of blood in rectangular microfluidic channels
Dimitris Pasias, Efstathios Kaliviotis
O5-2A new approach of blood viscosity: Hemodynamic viscosity
Tilly Alexandre
O5-3Evaluation and comparison of haemodynamic parameters of vascular end-to side anastomoses
Balazs Gasz, Peter Varga, Peter Maroti, Gabor Jancso
O5-4Similarities in erythrocyte senescence and microfluidic high shear environment
Damage James Buerck, Dimitrios Papavassiliou, Trevor Snyder, David Schmidtke, Edgar O’Rear
O5-5Investigation of bright collapsing ring by Lattice Boltzmann method
Young Woo Kim, Chan Soo Min, Joon Sang Lee
13.00–14.00 ISCH Medal Award (L4)
Ceremony and Lecture
Laudatio: Kalman Toth
Lecture: Brian M. Cooke
The rheopathobiology of malaria and babesiosis
14.15–15.45 Symposia S16–S18/Free Communications O6
Chairs: Linhong Deng and Li Yang
S16-1Morphogenesis and mechanobiology of airway smooth muscle cells on 3D tubular micropatterns as mechanism of bronchial airway development
Linhong Deng, Yang Jin, Mingzhi Luo, Lei Liu, Jingjing Li
S16-2Glycosylation is a strong molecular determinant of MUC5AC rheology in airway mucus at both single protein and bulk solution levels
Lei Liu, Mingzhi Luo, Yan Pan, Jingjing Li, Linhong
S16-3Dynamics of neutrophil transmigration mediated by beta-2 integrin via P- and E-selectins
Yan Zhang, Mian Long
S16-5Influence of different rhythms sound wave to serotonin concentration in rats hippocampus
Yang Ren, Zhidan Deng
Chairs: Lucas Prantl and Gerhard Pindur
S17-1Longitudinal analysis of thrombin generation biomarkers in venous thromboembolism
Gerhard Pindur, Aida Beye, Bernhard Stephan, Harald Helling
S17-2Comparison of PIRADS 3 lesions with histopathological findings after MRI-ultrasound fusion targeted biopsy of the prostate in a real-world setting
Boris Schlenker, Maria Apfelbeck, Christian G. Stief, Dirk-Andre Clevert
S17-3Does acoustic radiation force Elastography help to improve the diagnostic value of ultrasound in the preoperative characterization of tumors of the parotid gland?
Pamela Zengel, Florian Notter, Dirk Andre Clevert
S17-4Technologies for adipose stem cell isolation
L. Prantl, V. Brebant, S. Klein, A. Anker, C Strauss, O. Felthaus
S17-5Blood rheology in breast and gynecologic cancer patients at primary diagnosis and stage of cancer progression
O. Schelkunov, P. Tsikouras, R. Csorba, W. Rath, G-F. von Tempelhoff
S17-6First experiences with a clinical work-flow integrated CAM Assay in Patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma
P. Kauffmann, M. Troeltzsch, P. Brockmeyer, H. Bohnenberger, P. Stroebel, M. Manzke, R. Cordesmeyer, H. Schliephake, L. Prantl, T. Aung
Chairs: Květoslava Burda and Marek Cyrklaff
S18-1Malaria parasites, host-erythrocytes and blood circulation
Marek Cyrklaff
S18-2Polyhedrocytes in type 2 diabetes
Grzegorz Gajos, Aleksander Siniarski, Joanna Natorska, Michał Ząbczyk, Jakub Siudut, Aneta Undas
S18-3Differentiation between various melanomas based on biophysical characterization of their properties
Justyna Bobrowska, Joanna Pabijan, Kamil Awsiuk, Jakub Rysz, Andrzej Budkowski, Małgorzata Lekka
S18-4Endothelial nanomechanics in vascular diseases – an ex vivo AFM nanoindentation study
Marta Targosz-Korecka, Magdalena Jaglarz, Katarzyna Małek-Ziętek, Stefan Chłopicki, Marek Szymoński
Chairs: Dong-Guk Paeng and Norbert Nemeth
O6-1Alterations in RBC aggregation during incubation in glucose solution
Alicja Szołna-Chodór, Paulina Grychtal, Bronisław Grzegorzewski
O6-2Numerical study of red blood cell aggregation kinetics under sinusoidal pulsatile flow
Cheong-Ah Lee, Soohong Min, Minho Lee, Dong-Guk Paeng
O6-3Structure and stability of red blood cell aggregates in model flows
Thomas Podgorski, François Yaya, Gwennou Coupier, Daniel Flormann, Christian Wagner
O6-4Covalent immobilization of biomolecules on stent materials through mussel adhesive protein coating to promote cell adhesion
Yi Wang, Hualin Lan, Tieying Yin, Yazhou Wang, Guixue Wang
O6-5The changes of vascular mechanical properties of porcine coronary artery after stent implantation
Yinping Zhao, Lili Tan, Xiaojuan Zhang, Juhui Qiu, Guixue Wang
Thursday, July 5th
9.00–10.00 ISCH Plenary Lecture (L5)
Chair: Gerard Nash
Lecture: Sehyun Shin
Microfluidic platelet function assays
10.30–12.00 Symposia S19-S23
Chairs: Friedrich Jung and Anna Blocki
S19-1Long-term prognosis of coronary microvascular dysfunction
Remzi Anadol, Tommaso Gori
S19-2AD-MSCs change their morphology and secretion profile as a response to changes in substrates’ elastic properties in combination with inflammatory stimuli
M. Papagrigorakes, N. Chirico, A. Blocki, A. Neffe, F. Jung, N. Ma, A. Lendlein
S19-3Thrombogenicity testing of polymers: Round-robin study to assess inter-center variability
Steffen Braune, Claudia Sperling, Manfred F. Maitz, Ulrich Steinseifer, Johanna Clauser, Bernhard Hiebl, Stefanie Krajewski, Hans P. Wendel, Friedrich Jung
S19-4The controversial origin of pericytes – implications for cell-based therapies
Anna Blocki, Sebastian Beyer, Friedrich Jung, Michael Raghunath
S19-5A facile way to achieve biomimetic laminin networks on substrates
Thanga Bhuvanesh, Rainhard Machatschek, Burkhard Schulz, Yan Nie, Nan Ma, Andreas Lendlein
S19-6Medical compression stockings reduce hypertension of nailfold capillaries at the toe of patients with chronic venous insufficiency
Michael Jünger, Anja Oelert, Manuela Kittel, Hermann Haase, Martin Hahn
Chairs: Keefe Manning and Ajit Yoganathan
S20-1Visualization of cardiac flows: In vitro, in vivo, and in silico studies
Immanuel David Madukauwa-David, Vrishank Raghav, Prem A. Midha, Vahid Sadri, Phillip Trusty, Zhenglun Wei, Ajit Yoganathan
S20-3Leveraging fluid dynamic measurements to improve cardiac device design
Keefe Manning
S20-4Hemodynamics assessment of new transcatheter bi-caval valves in the interventional treatment of tricuspid regurgitation
Munirah Binte Ismail, Foad Kabinejadian, Yen Ngoc Nguyen, Hwa Liang Leo
Chairs: Nadia Antonova and Eugene V. Roitman
S21-1Analysis of the cutaneous blood flow responses and microvascular tone regulation in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Relationship to rheological properties of blood
Nadia Antonova, Vasilka Paskova, Irena Velcheva, Nino Chaushev, Sergey Podtaev, Kirill Tsiberkin
S21-2Relationship between rheological properties of blood and leukocyte adhesion under flow conditions in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Anika Aleksandrova, Nadia Antonova, Alexei Muravyov, Ekaterina Uzikova
S21-3Hemorheological disturbances as the thrombosis-developing factor
Eugene Roitman, Alla Shabalina, Marine Tanashyan, Irina Kolesnikova
S21-5Local carotid stiffness in patients with cerebral small vessel disease. Relation to blood viscosity
Irena Velcheva, Nadia Antonova, Tsocho Kmetski, Galina Tsonevska, Anika Alexandrova
Chairs: John Tarbell and Hans Vink
S22-1Role of the glycocalyx in atheroprotective vs. atheropermissive endothelium function
Eno Ebong, Ian Harding, Solomon Mensah, Ming Cheng, Ronodeep Mitra
S22-2Loss of the retinal endothelial glycocalyx in diabetes
Norman R. Harris, Wendy Leskova, Haley Peace, Patsy R. Carter, Randa Eshaq
S22-3Endothelial glycocalyx restoration by growth factors in diabetic kidney disease
Karen Onions, Sara Desideri, Nicola Buckner, Monica Gamez, Gavin Welsh, Andrew Salmon, Simon Satchell, Rebecca Foster
S22-4Modification of renal macrophage signalling via MCP-1 inhibition reduces albuminuria in diabetic nephropathy
Bernard van den Berg, Margien Boels, Angela Koudijs,Cristina Avramut, Wendy Sol, Annemarie van Oeveren-Rietdijk, Hetty de Boer, Cees van Kooten, Dirk Eulberg, Johan Van der Vlag, Daphne IJpelaar, Ton Rabelink
Chairs: Linhong Deng and Li Yang
S23-1Investigation on energy characteristic of red blood cell deformability: A quantitative analysis of extending and retracting curves based on Atomic Force Microscopy
Dong Chen, Xiang Wang
S23-3Nitric oxide regulates human erythrocyte deformability through regulating band 3 phosphorylation status in hypoxia
Yajin Zhao, Xiang Wang
S23-4Development history, progress and future prospects of biorheology and biomechanics in Chongqing University
Wang Guixue
S23-5Zebrafish caudal vein formation is flow shear stress dependent
Lin Wen
13.00–14.00 Fahraeus Gold Medal Award (L6)
Ceremony and Lecture
Laudatio: Nadia Antonova
Lecture: Carlota Saldanha
Multifunctional life of the erythrocyte
14.15–15.45 Symposia S24-S26/Free Communications O7-O8
Chairs: Byoung K. Lee and KyuChang Won
S24-1The role of hemorheologic changes in diabetic microvascular complications
Jun Sung Moon, Kyu Chang
S24-2RBC abnormalities presented with clinical diagnostic variables in sepsis
Choon Hak Lim, Jung Min Youn, Eun Gi Ko
S24-3Decrease myocardial perfusion associated with hemorheologic parameters in patients with type 2 Diabetes
Byoung Kwon Lee, Minhee Cho, Sehyun Shin
S24-4Erythrocyte aggregation and deformability as factors determining capillary blood flow in patients with arterial hypertension
Andrei Lugovtsov, Alexey Semenov, Yuri Gurfinkel, Petr Ermolinskiy, Anastasiya Maslyanitsina, Nikita Povalyaev, Larisa Dyachuk, Elena Pavlikova, Alexander Priezzhev
Chairs: Dirk Andre Clevert and Isabel Wiesinger
S25-1Postoperative control of vascularized lymph node transfer (VLNT) for the treatment of extremity lymphedema: Ultrasound guided lymph node monitoring using contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS)
T. Aung, C. Taeger, S. Geis, A. Kehrer, L. Prantl, E.M. Jung
S25-2The Use of Indocyanine green (ICG) imaging technique in the groin lymphocele microsurgical resection
M. Ranieri, C.D. Taeger, S. Geis, S. Klein, P. Lamby, D. Schiltz, K. Pfister, L. Prantl, V. Hoesl, T. Aung
S25-3Significance of high-resolution Color-Duplex-Ultrasound (CDU) designing adipocutaneous, fasciocutaneous and chimeric perforator flaps
A. Kehrer, S. Geis, C. Taeger, N. Platz Batista da Silva, E.M. Jung, L. Prantl, V. Mandlik
S25-4Influence of systemic vasopressor drugs and fluid administration on microcirculation in free tissue transfer
A. M. Anker, L. Prantl, C. Strauss, V. Brébant, S. M. Klein
S25-5ICG-fluorescence-angiography– a new indication in revascularized digits and toes
C. Strauss, A. Anker, L. Prantl, N. Heine, C. Wenzel, S. Geis, T. Aung, V. Brébant
S25-6ICG-fluorescence-angiography in revascularized digits – first results of a standardized clinical study
C. Strauss, A. Anker, V. Brébant, L. Prantl, D. Schiltz, R. Kemper, S. Geis, T. Aung Regensburg, Germany
Chairs: Michael Simmonds and Philippe Connes
S26-1Nitric oxide synthase activity at various levels and durations of shear stress
Michael Simmonds
S26-2Erythrocyte nitric oxide dependent of acetylcholinesterase receptor
Carlota Saldanha, Ana Silva-Herdade
S26-3Hydroxyurea therapy modulates sickle cell anemia red blood cell physiology by acting as a nitric oxide donor: Impact on RBC deformability, oxidative stress and nitric oxide synthase activity
Elie Nader, Marijke Grau, Romain Fort, Nicolas Guillot, Cyril Martin, Giovanna Cannas, Solène Poutrel, Arnaud Hot, Alexandra Gauthier, Wilhelm Bloch, Marc Romana, Philippe Connes
S26-4The multifaceted role of nitrite and the epigenetic nitric oxide donor, RRx-001 on erythrocyte deformability
Selma Cırrık, Özlem Yalcin
Chairs: Gerard Nash and Sajad Ahmadizad
O7-1Do changes in bone marrow pressure contribute to the egress of cells (RBC, reticul.) from bone marrow?
Zbigniew Dąbrowski, Anna Marchewka, Aneta Teległów, Maria Fornal
O7-2Platelet-derived extracellular vesicles promote the adhesion of flowing neutrophils to endothelial cells
Sahithi Kuravi, Paul Harrison, G.Ed Rainger, Gerard Nash
O7-3Morphological and metabolic abnormalities of erythrocytes as risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease
Francesco Misiti, Marco Girasole, Simone Dinarelli
O7-4Effects of two different high intensity interval training protocols on hemorheological variables in hypertensive patients
Sajad Ahmadizad, Mohammad Soltani, Neda Aghaei Bahmanbeglou
O7-5Sedentarity status as a regulator of the optimal hematocrit: Involvement of red cell deformability?
Jean-Frederic Brun, Emmanuelle Varlet-Marie, Bénédicte Marion, Céline Roques, Marlène Richou, Eric Raynaud de Mauverger
O7-6The effects of n-6 polyunsaturated free fatty acids dietary intake on hemorheology and endothelium–dependent microvascular function
Ines Drenjančević
Chair: Guixue Wang
O8-1Fabrication of gradient nanofibrous scaffold for interface tissue engineering
Li Yang, Peixing Chen, Yu Zhang
O8-2Tanshinone can inhibit inflammation and angiogenesis in several chondrocytic cells
Li Yang, Yu Zhang, Peixing Chen
O8-3The preliminary research of mechanical compress damage on neurons induced by hematoma
Wei Wang, Yin Yin, Jun Wang, Tieying Yin, Yazhou Wang, Guixue Wang
O8-4Hemodynamic analysis of cerebral aneurysms: Suggestions for surgical options
Shicheng He
Friday, July 6th
9.00–10.00 Plenary Lectures in Tribute to Prof. Oguz Baskurt (L7)
Chair: Jean-Frédéric Brun
Özlem Yalçın
Blood rheology as a determinant of blood flow: Physiological and clinical aspects
Jon Detterich
Red blood cell rheology and nitric oxide production: A scientist on the forefront
10.30–12.00 Symposia S27-S29/Free Communications O9
Chairs: Toshiro Ohashi and Susumu Kudo
S27-1Effect of local tensile stress field on bone matrix and cell alignment: An in vitro study
Taiji Adachi, Kei-ichi Ishikawa, Junko Sunaga, and Yoshitaka Kameo
S27-2Blood vessel on a chip - 3D vs. 2D
Yukiko Matsunaga
S27-3Mechanotargeting of nanoparticles to atherogenic endothelium
Pouria Fattahi, Sulin Zhang, Justin Brown, Yin-Ting Yeh, Peter Butler
S27-4The roles of vessel pulsation and dilation in clearing extracellular waste from the brain
Ravi Kedarasetti, Bruce Gluckman, Patrick Drew, Francesco Costanzo
Chairs: Masako Sugihara-Seki and Ken-ichi Tsubota
S28-1Effect of internal viscosity on suspension rheology of red blood cells
Naoki Takeishi, Marco Rosti, Yohsuke Imai, Shigeo Wada, Luca Brandt
S28-2Hemolytic behavior of human red blood cells caused by osmotic pressure difference – Visualization of hemoglobin behavior by use of light absorption characteristics
Ryoko Otomo, Akihito Morita, Kiyoshi Bando
S28-3Effects of red blood cells on blood flow in micro vessel network: In vitro experiment and computer simulation
Ken-ichi Tsubota, Yuya Kodama, Ryoma Kanai
S28-4Capillary flow imaging with genetically-engineered red blood cells in the living animal brain
Yuika Kurihara, Takuma Sugashi, Kazuto Masamoto
S28-5Fluid dynamical study of preferential distributions of blood cell components in microchannel flows
Masako Sugihara-Seki, Nozomi Takinouchi, Tenki Onozawa, Junji Seki
Chairs: Carlota Saldanha and Eugene Roitman
S29-1Leukocytes as a link between inflammation and erythrocyte nitric oxide
Ana Silva-Herdade, Carlota Saldanha
S29-2Contribution of fibrinogen to erythrocyte scavenger nitric oxide
Carlota Saldanha
S29-3Role of nitrogen oxide and hydrogen sulfide as signaling molecules in the change of red blood cell microrheology in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Svetlana Bulaeva, Alexei Muravyov, Irina Tikhomirova, Pavel Avdonin
S29-4Change of microrheological characteristics of erythrocytes under the influence of donors of gasotransmitters NO and H S: In vitro study
Yulia Malysheva, Alexei Muravyov
Chair: Jinxuan Wang
O9-1Proteomic analysis of ApoE-/- mice with disturbed flow model
Li Tianhan, Wang Guixue
O9-2Effects of suspension state on the biological behavior of breast cancer cells
Yonggang Lv, Xiaomei Zhang, Ying Zhang, Ya Wang
O9-3Preliminary study of endothelial cell tight junction protein in response to different mechanical stimuli
Yazhou Wang, Desha Luo, Tieying Yin, Guixue Wang
O9-4PI3K-nos2b signaling is crucial for simulated microgravity-mediated angiogenesis in zebrafish CVP network
Daoxi Lei, Guixue Wang
O9-5Ferric iron, lipopolysaccharide and lipoteichoic acids can induce anomalous fibrin amyloid formation: An assessment with novel AmytrackerTM stains and thioflavin T
Martin Page, Douglas Kell, Etheresia Pretorius
13.00–14.30 Symposia S30-S32
S30:FROM RHEOLOGY TO MICROCIRCULATION: NEW INSIGHTS Chairs: Gregorio Caimi and Antonio Colantuoni
S30-1Red blood cell rheology under different pathological conditions
Patrizia Caprari, Carlotta Bozzi, Sara Massimi, Loretta Diana
S30-2Role of hemorheological alterations in skin ulcers
Rosalia Lo Presti, Patrizia Caprari, Gregorio Caimi
S30-3Hemorheology in kidney disease
Francesco Fontana
S30-4Rat pial microvascular changes during brain hypoperfusion and reperfusion injury: Role of antioxidant substances
Martina Di Maro, Martina Chiurazzi, Dominga Lapi, Teresa Mastantuono, Laura Battiloro, Gilda Nasti, Antonio Colantuoni
S30-5Bridging the gap from basic microcirculation to the clinical world
Romeo Martini, Antonio Colantuoni
Chairs: Noriyuki Kataoka and Ryoko Otomo
S31-1Biorheology of bile
Minh Nguyen Ngoc, Hiromichi Obara, Kenji Shimokasa, Junfang Zhu
S31-2Electrical impedance spectroscopic technique for cancerous cell sensing by considering the extracellular fluid around cells
Daisuke Kawashima, Songshi Li, Michiko Sugawara, Hiromichi Obara, Masahiro Takei
S31-3Matrix metalloprotease production of vascular endothelial cells under extremely high wall shear stress condition
Naoya Sakamoto, Yuki Oyama, Yuta Horie, Masanori Nakamura, Naoyuki Kimura
S31-4Observation of microscopic elastic structure in arterial tissue by use of a scanning haptic microscope (SHM)
Takeshi Moriwaki, Sadao Omata, Yasuhide Nakayama
S31-5Ultrafast imaging of cell elasticity with optical microelastography
Guy Cloutier, Grasland-Mongrain, Ali Zorgani, Shoma Nakagawa, Simon Bernard, Lia Gomes Paim, Greg FitzHarris, Stefan Catheline
Chairs: Keefe Manning and Shawn Shadden
S32-1The contact activation system in device-related thrombosis modeling
Rodrigo Méndez Rojano, Simon Mendez, Franck Nicoud
S32-2Development of a device-induced computational thrombosis model
Keefe Manning
S32-3Reduced-order computational modeling of thrombogenic potential in large arteries
Kirk Hansen, Shawn Shadden
P1Effects of hypertrophy and strength weight training on resting levels and responses of hemorheological parameters to a single session of exercise
Fatholah Havil, Afshar Jafaria, Sajad Ahmadizad, Saeed Nikoukheslat
P2Modulation of erythrocyte mechanical function by calcium-calmodulin-protein kinase C
Ali Cenk AKSU, Yasemin AKSU, Dilan ATAR, Zeynep Busra Kısakurek, Elif Ugurel, Özlem Yalcin
P3Clinical relevance of hemodynamic viscosity measurement in vascular study
Tilly Alexandre
P4Analysis of seismocardiographic signals by the discrete Chebyshev transform
Mikhail Basarab, Natalya Konnova
P5Fetal growth retardation and oxygen delivery hemorheological predictors in hypertensive vs normotensive pregnant women
Jean-Frédéric Brun, Emmanuelle Varlet-Marie, Pierre Boulot, Bénédicte Marion, Céline Roques, Eric Raynaud de Mauverger
P6Leg electrical resistance predicts venous blood viscosity and hematocrit
Emmanuelle Varlet-Marie, Laurent Vachoud, Bénédicte Marion, Céline Roques, Marlène Richou, Eric Raynaud de Mauverger, Jean-Frédéric Brun
P7The transient hyperviscosity syndrome of labor and delivery shifts the hemorheological profile toward a lower ability to deliver oxygen to tissues
Jean-Frédéric Brun, Pierre Boulot, Emmanuelle Varlet-Marie, Bénédicte Marion, Céline Roques, Eric Raynaud de Mauverger
P8Studies of the chemically induced changes of the mechanical properties of murine RBCs with the use of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Katarzyna Bulat, Jakub Dybas, Aneta Blat, Mateusz Mardyla, Anna Rygula, Stefan Chłopicki, Małgorzata Baranska, Katarzyna M. Marzec
P9Investigation on energy characteristic of red blood cell deformability: A quantitative analysis of extending and retracting curves based on atomic force microscopy
Dong Chen, Xiang Wang
P10Measurement of glycocalyx volume: An unreliable biomarker
FitzRoy Curry, Charles Michel
P12Resonance Raman spectroscopy in detection and differentiation of various hemoglobin derivatives inside packed human red blood cells
Jakub Dybas, Malgorzata Baranska, Stefan Chlopicki, Katarzyna M. Marzec
P13Effects of different rehabilitation models on the elongation index of erythrocytes, study of activity of chosen erythrocyte enzymes, and the level of glutathione in elderly women
Katarzyna Filar-Mierzwa, Anna Marchewka, Zbigniew Dąbrowski, Paulina Aleksander-Szymanowicz
P14Effects of whole body vibration training on hemorheological blood indicators in young healthy women
Halina Gattner, Justyna Adamiak, Magdalena Kępińska, Anna Piotrowska, Olga Czerwińska-Ledwig, Sylwia Mętel, Wanda Pilch
P15Evaluation of vascular effects of photodynamic therapy in skin microcirculation using different photosensitizers
Tatyana Grishacheva, Dinara Faizullina, Nickolay Petrishchev, Irina Mikhailova
P16Analysis of flow and thrombus development within PDMS channels of varying geometry
Tice Harkins, Jeremey Myslowski, Keefe Manning
P17Measurement of blood viscosity by measuring flows in microfluidic channel
Hyeonji Hong, Eunseop Yeom
P18Repeated whole body cryotherapy treatments does not cause changes in hemorheological parameters in healthy people
Magdalena Kępińska, Zbigniew Szyguła, Zbigniew Dąbrowski
P20Cell volume regulation via the calcium-activated potassium channel KCa3.1 contributes to red blood cell compliance under shear
Jan Lennart Kuck, Michael J. Simmonds
P21Effects of rowing on rheological properties of blood
Mateusz Mardyła, Aneta Teległów, Zbigniew Dąbrowski, Jakub Marchewka, Jacek Głodzik, Bartłomiej Ptaszek
P22Impaired deformability of erythrocytes in hypertensive rats and patients: Investigation by nickel mesh filtration technique
Toru Maruyama, Keita Odashiro, Takehiko Fujino, Shiro Mawatari
P23Determinants of sublethal trauma to red blood cells: Effects of shear rate at standardized shear stresses
Jacob Turner, Antony McNamee, Jarod Horobin, Lennart Kuck, Kieran Richardson, Michael Simmonds
P24Susceptibility to mechanical damage of density-fractionated red blood cells
Antony McNamee, Kieran Richardson, Lennart Kuck, Kai Robertson, Michael Simmonds
P25Clinical evaluation of laser Doppler flowmetry for diagnosis of microcirculatory disorders
Christof Mrowietz, R.P. Franke, G. Pindur, R. Sternitzky, F. Jung, U. Wolf
P26Erythrocytes aggregation index correlate with oxidative stress and hydrogen sulfide plasma concentration in diabetes mellitus
Agata Pietrzycka, Katarzyna Krzanowska, Przemysław Miarka, Władysław Sułowicz, Marcin Krzanowski
P27Effects of carboxylated multiwall carbon nanotubes on erythrocytes stability and functionality
Mateusz Przetocki, Józef Korecki, Grzegorz Gajos, Leszek Stobiński, Krzysztof
Matlak, Kvetoslava Burda
P28Influence of different rhythms sound wave to serotonin concentration in rats hippocampus
Yang Ren, Zhidan Deng, Xiang Wang
P29Physical properties of erythrocytes improve in hemochromatosis patients with repeated venesection therapy
Kieran Richardson, Antony McNamee, Michael Simmonds
P30Experimental characterization of the embolus trapping efficiency of the U.S. FDA generic inferior vena cava filter
Joshua Riley, Nicole Price, Brent Craven, Kenneth Aycock, Keefe Manning
P31Effects of pentoxifylline on hemodynamic and hemorheological parameters in SHRs during arterial hypertension development
Alexander Shamanaev, Oleg Aliev, Anastasia Sidekhmenova, Anna Anischenko, Mark Plotnikov
P32Effect of cholesterol-rich diet on hematological and hemorheological parameters in rabbits
Bence Tanczos, Viktoria Somogyi, Mariann Bombicz, Bela Juhasz, Norbert Nemeth, Adam Deak
P33Changes in biochemical properties of the blood in winter swimmers
Aneta Teległów, Jakub Marchewka, Anna Marchewka, Zbigniew Dąbrowski, Bartłomiej Ptaszek, Mateusz Mardyła
P34The paraclinical evolution in diabetic hypertensive patients with increased abdominal circumference
Cornel Cezar Tudorica, Ana Maria Vintila, Stefan Dragos Tudorica, Mirela Gherghe
P35Alterations of red blood cell deformability and mechanical stability by heat-treatment on animal blood samples
Gabor Varga, Adam Attila Matrai, Balazs Szabo, Viktoria Somogyi, Barbara Barath, Bence Tanczos, Norbert Nemeth
P36Shear-dependency of the predicted ideal hematocrit
Emmanuelle Varlet-Marie, Laurent Vachoud, Bénédicte Marion, Céline Roques, Marlène Richou, Eric Raynaud de Mauverger, Jean-Frédéric Brun