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A three-dimensional model and numerical simulation regarding thermoseed mediated magnetic induction therapy conformal hyperthermia


In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of magnetic induction hyperthermia in clinical applications, numerical simulations on the temperature distributions and extent of thermal damage to the targeted regions must be conducted in the preoperative treatment planning system. In this paper, three models, including a thermoseed thermogenesis model, tissue heat transfer model, and tissue thermal damage model, were established based on the four-dimensional energy field, temperature field, and thermal damage field distributions exhibited during hyperthermia. In addition, a numerical simulation study was conducted using the Finite Volume Method (FVM), and the accuracy and reliability of the magnetic induction hyperthermia model and its numerical calculations were verified using computer simulations and experimental results. Thus, this study promoted the application of computing methods to magnetic induction therapy and conformal hyperthermia, and improved the accuracy of the temperature field and tissue thermal damage distribution predictions.



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