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Foreword S1

F. Xiao, Y. Gao, Y. Wang, Y. Zhu and J. Zhao

Design of a wearable cable-driven upper limb exoskeleton based on epicyclic gear trains structure S3

B. Li, J. Bi, W. Li, S. Huang, S. Zhang, J. Zhao, Q. Meng and J. Fei

Effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on histomorphometry and osteocalcin in disuse osteoporosis rats S13

X. Shen, S. Ji, Z. Xie and Y. Deng

Effect of different expansion strategies on cor-onary stent deployment in a tapered artery S21

S.D. Na, G. Lee, Q. Wei, K.W. Seong, J.H. Cho and M.N. Kim

Mastication noise reduction method for fully implantable hearing aid using piezo-electric sensor S29

T. Yang, L. Ding, H. Zhang, L. Xue, W. Zhang, L. Chen, H. Xiao and H. Qiao

Mechanical and physiological effect of partial pressure suit: Experiment and numerical study S35

L. Wang, Z. Zhang, Y. Yu and G. Chen

Study on the control of variable resistance for isokinetic muscle training system S45

L. Sun, X. Wu, Y. Li, Z. Lin, D. Xu, X. Lin and Y. Gao

Comparative analysis of the stress distribution in five anatomical types of maxillary central incisor S53

H.-H. Kim, Y.H. Choi, S.B. Lee, Y. Baba, K.-W. Kim and S.-H. Suh

Numerical analysis of urine flow through the side holes of a double J stent in a ureteral stenosis S63

S.H. Shin, S.R. Kang, T.-K. Kwon and C. Yu

A study on trunk muscle activation patterns according to tilt angle during whole body tilts S73

J.H. Kim, J.H. Lee and J.-H. Cho

Implementation of integrated circuit and design of SAR ADC for fully implantable hearing aids S83

H.Y. Kim, E.J. Kim and J.H. You

Adaptive locomotor network activation during randomized walking speeds using functional near-infrared spectroscopy S93

H.S. Yoon and J.H. You

Reflex-mediated dynamic neuromuscular stabilization in stroke patients: EMG processing and ultrasound imaging S99

X. Liao, J. Lang, N. Li, P. Wang, J. Li, J. Yang and Y. Chen

Dosimetric comparisons of IMRT planning using MCO and DMPO techniques S107

S.R. Kang, J.-Y. Min, C. Yu and T.-K. Kwon

Effect of whole body vibration on lactate level recovery and heart rate recovery in rest after intense exercise S115

A. Qiao, X. Song, K. Peng, G. Du, G. Li and Z. Chen

Validity of CAVI measurements for diagnosing hypertension in middle-aged and elderly patients and correlations of these measurements with relevant factors S125

Y. Li, Y. Dai, L. Deng, N. Yua and Y. Guo

Computer-aided detection for the automated evaluation of pulmonary embolism S135

Z. Yu, H. Zhang, L. Fu and X. Lu

Objective research on tongue manifestation of patients with eczema S143

C. Liu, H. Cai, J. Jia, T. Cao, C. Xu and C. Liu

Research on highly sensitive optomagnetic sensor for rapid detection of inflammation S151

S. Yang, Y. Qiao, L. Wang and P. Hao

Magnetic stimulation at acupoints relieves mental fatigue: An Event Related Potential (P300) study S157

X. Ding, W. Liu, J. Zhang and L. Zhao

A method and system to simulate human electrophysiological activity S167

F. Xie, H. Zhou, W. Zhao and L. Huang

A comparative study on the mechanical behavior of intervertebral disc using hyperelastic finite element model S177

Y. Xin, Y. Zhao, Y. Mu, Q. Li and C. Shi

Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation recognition based on multi-scale Rényi entropy of ECG S189

Q. Li, Y. Zhang, H. Kang, Y. Xin and C. Shi

Mining association rules between stroke risk factors based on the Apriori algorithm S197

H. Cai, Z. Hao, L. Xiao, C. Wan and L. Tong

The collagen microstructural changes of rat menisci and tibiofemoral cartilages under the influence of mechanical loading: An in vitro wear test of whole joints S207

J. Xiao, Y. Zhang, S. Zhao and H. Wang

Measuring the 3D motion space of the human ankle S219

J. Zhang, Y. Zhong, J. Smith and C. Gu

ChainMail based neural dynamics modeling of soft tissue deformation for surgical simulation S231

H. Yu, X. Fan and A. Song

The curvature calculation mechanism based on simple cell model S241

J. Yang, M. Deng, P. Cao, W. Tan, Q. Sun, L. Lu and D. Zhao

The improved differential demon algorithm S251

H. Yang, T. Cao, L. Gao, L. Wang, C. Zhu, Y. Xu, Y. Jing, H. Zhu, N. lv and L. Yu

The incidence and distribution characteristics of MLL rearrangements in Chinese acute myeloid leukemia patients by multiplex nested RT-PCR S259

G. Zhang, G. Liu, S. Ma, T. Wang, J. Zhao and Y. Zhu

Biomechanical design of escalading lower limb exoskeleton with novel linkage joints S267

W. Wang, L. Zhang, J. Li, X. Yuan, Y. Shi, Q. Jiang and L. He

The force control and path planning of electromagnetic induction-based massage robot S275

Z. Zhang, Y. Jiang, Y. Sun and H. Zhang

Potential for false positive results from multi-voxel pattern analysis on functional imaging data S287

H. Wang, Y. Wen and D. Zhao

Differential barometric-based positioning technique for indoor elevation measurement in IoT medical applica-tions S295

P. Ran, Y. Luo, Z. Li, W. Wang and Y. Pang

Design of an ultrasonic physiotherapy system with pulse wave feedback control S305

L. Zhu, X. Yang, Y. Wu, M. Wang and Y. Luo

Optimization of a passively suspended injection impeller for Left ventricular assist device S317

H. Wang, J. Feng and H. Wang

Grouped fuzzy SVM with EM-based partition of sample space for clustered microcalcification detection S325

J. Zhang, Y. Zhong, J. Smith and C. Gu

Cellular neural network modelling of soft tissue dynamics for surgical simulation S337

H. Zhu, C.-H. Pak, C. Song, S. Dou, H. Zhao, P. Cao and X. Ye

A novel lung cancer detection algorithm for CADs based on SSP and Level Set S345

Z. Shen, C. Wu, B. Ding, Z. Yuan, N. Zhang, M. Zhao and Y. Zhao

GPU-based interactive near-regular texture synthesis for digital human models S357

H.-U. Seo, Q. Wei, S.-G. Kwon and K.-I. Sohng

Medical image watermarking using bit threshold map based on just noticeable distortion in discrete cosine transform S367

T. Zhan, P. Feng, X. Hong, Z. Lu, L. Xiao and Y. Zhang

An automatic glioma grading method based on multi-feature extraction and fusion S377

F. Gong, Z. Wei, Y. Cong, H. Chi, B. Yin and M. Sun

Analysis of SAR distribution in human head of antenna used in wireless power transform based on magnetic resonance S387

Q. Liu, X. Zhao, Z. Hou and H. Liu

Epileptic seizure detection based on the kernel extreme learning machine S399

S. Yue, Y. Wang, J. Wang and J. Chen

Relationships between lung cancer incidences and air pollutants S411

X. Huang, S. Yue, C. Wang and H. Wang

Optimal three-dimensional reconstruction for lung cancer tissues S423

B. Zhang, H. Hu, A. Ye and P. Zhang

A surface acoustic wave ICP sensor with good temperature stability S435

Y. Li, L. Zhang, T. Zhang and B. Li

A study of the application of Brain Atlas with and without +Gz acceleration conditions S443

T. Wang, L. Zhu, C. Hu, S. Gong, H. Jiang, H. Chen and J. Li

The diagnostic value of susceptibility-weighted imaging for ischemic penumbra in patients with acute ischemic stroke S449

X. Pan, B. Qi, H. Yu, H. Wei and Y. Kang

A new idea for visualization of lesions distribution in mammogram based on CPD registration method S459