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Author Index Volume 8 (2016)

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Adam, E., see Badeig, F. (3) 325–346

Aghajan, H., J.C. Augusto, A. Prati and C. Gomez, Preface (2) 85–86

Aghajan, H., J.C. Augusto, A. Prati and C. Gomez, Preface (3) 241–242

Aghajan, H., see Augusto, J.C. (1) 1–1

Aghajan, H., see Gomez, C. (4) 377–377

Aghajan, H., see Gomez, C. (6) 581–582

Aghajan, H., see Prati, A. (5) 485–485

Akl, A., B. Chikhaoui, N. Mattek, J. Kaye, D. Austin and A. Mihailidis, Clustering home activity distributions for automatic detection of mild cognitive impairment in older adults (4) 437–451

Al-Samarraie, H., S.M. Sarsam, A.I. Alzahrani, N. Alalwan and M. Masood, The role of personality characteristics in informing our preference for visual presentation: An eye movement study (6) 709–719

Alalwan, N., see Al-Samarraie, H. (6) 709–719

Alexandersson, J., see Mayer, C. (2) 125–148

Alzahrani, A.I., see Al-Samarraie, H. (6) 709–719

Aranguren, G., see Etxaniz, J. (2) 205–218

Augusto, J.C. and H. Aghajan, Preface (1) 1–1

Augusto, J.C., see Aghajan, H. (2) 85–86

Augusto, J.C., see Aghajan, H. (3) 241–242

Augusto, J.C., see Gomez, C. (4) 377–377

Augusto, J.C., see Gomez, C. (6) 581–582

Augusto, J.C., see Prati, A. (5) 485–485

Austin, D., see Akl, A. (4) 437–451

Badeig, F., E. Adam, R. Mandiau and C. Garbay, Analyzing multi-agent approaches for the design of advanced interactive and collaborative systems (3) 325–346

Baldewijns, G., V. Claes, G. Debard, M. Mertens, E. Devriendt, K. Milisen, J. Tournoy, T. Croonenborghs and B. Vanrumste, Automated in-home gait transfer time analysis using video cameras (3) 273–286

Berbers, Y., see Preuveneers, D. (1) 63–78

Bernardos, A.M., see Besada, J.A. (2) 169–187

Besada, J.A., J.M. Rodera, A.M. Bernardos, J. Portillo and J.R. Casar, Design and user experience assessment of Kinect-based virtual windows (2) 169–187

Besharat, J., A. Komninos, G. Papadimitriou, E. Lagiou and J. Garofalakis, Augmented paper maps: Design of POI markers and effects on group navigation (5) 515–530

Bikakis, A., see Caire, P. (6) 619–644

Botía, J.A., see Caballero, A. (1) 35–46

Botón-Fernández, V., A. Lozano-Tello, M. Pérez-Romero and E. Romero-Cadaval, Mining sequential patterns to efficiently manage Energy Storage Systems within smart home buildings (3) 287–300

Braun, A. and T. Dutz, Low-cost indoor localization using cameras – Evaluating AmbiTrack and its applications in Ambient Assisted Living (3) 243–258

Braun, A., R. Wichert, A. Kuijper and D.W. Fellner, Benchmarking sensors in smart environments – Method and use cases (6) 645–664

Bromuri, S., S. Puricel, R. Schumann, J. Krampf, J. Ruiz and M. Schumacher, An expert Personal Health System to monitor patients affected by Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A feasibility study (2) 219–237

Caballero, A., T. García-Valverde, F. Pereñíguez and J.A. Botía, Activity recommendation in intelligent campus environments based on the Eduroam federation (1) 35–46

Caire, P., A. Moawad, V. Efthymiou, A. Bikakis and Y. Le Traon, Privacy challenges in Ambient Intelligence systems (6) 619–644

Casar, J.R., see Besada, J.A. (2) 169–187

Castillejo, P., J.-F. Martínez and L. López, Thesis: Contribution towards intelligent service management in wearable and ubiquitous devices (1) 79–80

Chahuara, P., A. Fleury, F. Portet and M. Vacher, On-line human activity recognition from audio and home automation sensors: Comparison of sequential and non-sequential models in realistic Smart Homes (4) 399–422

Chikhaoui, B., see Akl, A. (4) 437–451

Chua, S.-L., S. Marsland and H. Guesgen, A supervised learning approach for behaviour recognition in smart homes (3) 259–271

Claes, V., see Baldewijns, G. (3) 273–286

Croonenborghs, T., see Baldewijns, G. (3) 273–286

Croonenborghs, T., see Debard, G. (2) 149–168

Cuddihy, P., see Liu, L. (4) 453–466

Cuéllar, M.P., see León, O. (4) 423–436

Dai, X., see Qian, K. (3) 359–373

de Ruyter, B., A. Kameas and I. Mavrommati, Introduction to the thematic issue on Reflections and advances in Ambient Intelligence (5) 489–490

Debard, G., M. Mertens, M. Deschodt, E. Vlaeyen, E. Devriendt, E. Dejaeger, K. Milisen, J. Tournoy, T. Croonenborghs, T. Goedemé, T. Tuytelaars and B. Vanrumste, Camera-based fall detection using real-world versus simulated data: How far are we from the solution? (2) 149–168

Debard, G., see Baldewijns, G. (3) 273–286

Dejaeger, E., see Debard, G. (2) 149–168

Delgado, M., see León, O. (4) 423–436

Deschodt, M., see Debard, G. (2) 149–168

Devriendt, E., see Baldewijns, G. (3) 273–286

Devriendt, E., see Debard, G. (2) 149–168

di Loreto, I., see Mora, S. (5) 531–548

Divitini, M., see Mora, S. (5) 531–548

Dorronzoro, E., see Gómez, J.A. (2) 109–124

Dragone, M., see Sandygulova, A. (1) 5–19

Dutz, T., see Braun, A. (3) 243–258

Efthymiou, V., see Caire, P. (6) 619–644

Egerton, S., see Lakshantha, E. (1) 21–33

Ermacora, G., S. Rosa and A. Toma, Fly4SmartCity: A cloud robotics service for smart city applications (3) 347–358

Etxaniz, J., G. Aranguren and M. Mazzara, Analysis of the data transportation multi-hop network for an intelligent environment (2) 205–218

Fang, F., see Qian, K. (3) 359–373

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Fernández-Lanvin, D., see Fernández-Alvarez, A.-M. (6) 723–724

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Fleury, A., see Chahuara, P. (4) 399–422

Galatis, P., see Kasapakis, V. (5) 501–514

Gallicchio, C., see Palumbo, F. (2) 87–107

Garbay, C., see Badeig, F. (3) 325–346

García Hernando, A.B., see Ni, Q. (1) 47–61

García-Valverde, T., see Caballero, A. (1) 35–46

Garofalakis, J., see Besharat, J. (5) 515–530

Gavalas, D., see Kasapakis, V. (5) 501–514

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Goedemé, T., see Debard, G. (2) 149–168

Gomez, C., A. Prati, H. Aghajan and J.C. Augusto, Preface (4) 377–377

Gomez, C., A. Prati, H. Aghajan and J.C. Augusto, Preface (6) 581–582

Gomez, C., see Aghajan, H. (2) 85–86

Gomez, C., see Aghajan, H. (3) 241–242

Gomez, C., see Prati, A. (5) 485–485

Gómez, J.A., A.V. Medina, S. Martín, E. Dorronzoro and O. Rivera, Fingerprint indoor location simulator for AAL (2) 109–124

Grguric, A., see Mayer, C. (2) 125–148

Guesgen, H., see Chua, S.-L. (3) 259–271

Guessoum, D., M. Miraoui, A. Zaguia and C. Tadj, A measure of semantic similarity between a reference context and a current context (6) 697–707

Herrera-Acuña, R., see Hunter, G. (4) 379–381

Hunter, G., T. Kymäläinen and R. Herrera-Acuña, Introduction to the thematic issue on Human-centric computing and intelligent environments (4) 379–381

Joosen, W., see Preuveneers, D. (1) 63–78

Joosen, W., see Preuveneers, D. (4) 467–483

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Loke, S.W., Smart Environments as places serviced by k-drone systems (5) 551–563

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Zimmermann, G., see Mayer, C. (2) 125–148